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Turbidity sensor TS-300B measures the turbidity (counter of suspended matter) in the wash water. Based on the optical principle, the sensor uses the light-emitting diode and phototransistor to receive the specific wavelength to measure the opacity or other substances of dirty water. concentration. By using phototransistors and light-emitting diodes, the light emitted by the sensor through the light-emitting diode source is reflected by the sewage, part of the light is transmitted to the phototransistor, and the turbidity of the water is calculated according to the amount of light received.
1. The working principle the turbidity sensor: When light passes through a certain amount of water, the amount of light penetration depends on the amount of dirt in the water. When the amount of dirt increases, the light that penetrates the water sample decreases, and the turbidity sensor measures the amount of light transmitted to calculate the turbidity of the wash water.
2. The turbidity sensor provides these turbidity measurements to a washing machine or dishwasher controller, with the washing machine and dishwasher controller determining the time of each wash cycle. These judgments are based on a comparison between the measured value of the purified water (measured at the beginning of the washing cycle) and the measured value of the washed water measured at the end of the washing.
3. By measuring the turbidity of the wash water, the washing machine can only wash the time required when washing clothes that are not very dirty, thereby saving energy, so that the end user saves energy.
Ratio Range (NTU):0~1000±30
Infrared Emitting Diode:940nm
(Peak emission wavelength)
Photo Transistor:880nm
(Peak emission wavelength)
Output Voltage[V]:0~5
Reverse Voltage[V]:5
Operating Temp:-20~+90
Package Included:
1 x TS-300B Turbidity Sensor Detection Module Water Quality Test 

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