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1. FPC1020A is a secondary development module for fingerprint recognition designed for . It has a small size, low power consumption, simple interface, high reliability, small fingerprint template (200 bytes), large-capacity fingerprint recognition (1000 fingerprint recognition response time is less than 1 (Seconds) and other advantages, it can be very easy to embed it in the user system, composed of fingerprint identification products to meet customer needs.
2. In particular, self-learning function is provided. In the fingerprint identification process, the newly extracted fingerprint feature values are successfully integrated and then integrated into the fingerprint database so that the user can use them more easily during use.
The 1020A module's communication interface is UART or USB. This module acts as a slave device, and the master device sends related commands to control it.
3. The module has an adjustable security level function, read/write capabilities of the fingerprint feature data, and read/write capabilities of the fingerprint image. The recognition mode is 1:N recognition or 1:1 authentication.
- Fingerprint identification capacity: 150 fingerprints, identification time is less than 1 second, can be customized large capacity
- Capacitive surface array semiconductor fingerprint sensor
- Sensor has 256 grayscale pixel quality per pixel
- Fingerprint data registration and comparison under minimum storage conditions: 200 bytes of fingerprint template
- 1:N identification and 1:1 verification
- Support finger 360 rotation recognition
- Recognizing Passed Neural Network Self-learning Function
- Optimize the wet finger collection quality in semiconductor sensors
- Increase intelligent repair processing of incomplete fingerprint images
- Fingerprint feature data upload/download function
- Overall module sleep power consumption 25uA
- Adjustable security level 1-9, default level 5
- Communication: UART, USB (custom)
- Supported Operating Systems: Windows, Android (Custom)
Sensor resolution: 500 DPI
Sensor pixels: 160*160
Fingerprint capacity: 150 pieces (1000, 2000, 4000 pieces can be customized)
Fingerprint feature extraction time: < 0.45 seconds
1:N matching time (1000 full registrations): < 0.45 seconds
Refuse rate: 0.001%
Communication Interface: UART, USB
Serial communication parameters: No parity Parity = NONE, 1 stop bit Stop Bit = 1
No flow control: Flow Control = NONE
Baud rate: 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 (bps)
Factory setting: 19200bps
Dynamic Current: <50mA
Standby current: <25μA (steady-state standby current)
Operating voltage: 3V or 5V
Working temperature: -10 °C – 60 °C
Relative Humidity: 20%– 80%
Package Included:
1 x FPC1020A Capacitive Fingerprint Identification Module

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