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This module starts work after triggering. If you need to set the power to start timing, then you can connect the two trigger lines directly.
"Trigger" is simply a touch of two lines. It can be a short touch or a long time. Timing starts when you touch each other.
K: Switching signal trigger, valid at the leading edge
RY: Relay
After power-on, RY has no action. After K is triggered, RY is immediately turned on. After the delay, the RY is disconnected after the countdown ends. When K is triggered again during the delay, it will immediately jump to the end of the delay (ie, RY is disconnected).
- The button trigger type triggers the action to start immediately and delays. (If the button end is shorted before power-on, each power-on will be turned on and delayed by the setting)
- Display: The set time is displayed during adjustment; during the delay, the countdown is displayed dynamically.
- Switch on the load immediately after the trigger and disconnect the load after the specified time.
- During the delay, the button operation immediately stops the delay and returns to the initial state.
- During the delay, the digital tube reduces the brightness and counts down the delay to display the remaining time in real time.
- Set the time by adjustable resistor. The adjustable range is from 1 to 99. The unit can be selected by jumper. When the jumper is connected to the second, the adjustable range is 1-99 seconds. The jumper is connected to the time division. The adjustable range is 1-99 points.
- Board size: 70mm x 40mm, height less than 18mm
Package Included:
1 x JK12-A 12V Time Adjustable Relay Module with LED Digital Tube Dynamic Display

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