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Supply voltage: 5VDC
Current: greater than 100mA
Load: 250V 10A AC or 30V 10A DC
Dimensions: 50.5mm (length) * 38.5mm (width) * 18.5 (height)
Weight: 31g
PCB color: black
4 fixing screw holes around the board, hole diameter 3.1mm, easy to install and fix
The relay uses high quality Songle relay, single pole double throw. a common end, a normally open end, and a normally closed end
Optocoupler isolation, good anti-interference
Low level pull-in, high level release. The status indicator is on when the inverter is closed, and the status indicator is off when released.
VCC is the system power supply and JD_VCC is the relay power supply. Plug in the jumper cap
Relay contact capacity 250V10A. Relay output is normally open, normally closed;
Active low. Relay signal input voltage range: 0-5V;
VCC system power supply. JD-VCC relay power supply. JD-VCC and VCC are shorted.
Wiring instructions:
VCC: system power supply positive
GND: system power supply negative
IN1–IN2: Relay Control Port
(Do not reverse)
Package Included:
20 x 2 Channel 5V DC Relay Module

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