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The product is based on the real needs of plants and pumping of family and well developed. The product pool is 
based on the detection (water tower) for controlling the level of high current relays water to achieve control. 
with a small, simple wiring, low power consumption, high capacity switching. strong anti-interference function and high stability.
open automatically when you can stable pool (water tower) pumping water pumps. the pump automatically stops pumping to the full.
This product can be used in the tank pond water, garage, basement flooding rains where automatic drainage. etc.
This product does not need to buy another probe, using the house wiring can replace probe
The probe is a so called wire mesh shell and plastic buckle to the wire in shell of a house can be directly wire detection wire about1 seven centimeters, making it nude for direct induction. 
Note: This product without cable (probe)
The product is automation equipment manufacturers as a complementary product the best choice.
Package Included:
1 x Liquid Level Controller Module Water Level Detection Sensor 

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