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Measuring range: 0.05-40m
Resolution: 1mm
Measurement accuracy: ± (1.5mm + d * 5 parts per million)
Data output rate: normal mode: 1~10HZ (usually 5Hz)
Fast mode: about 10Hz/20Hz/30Hz
Laser type: 630-670nm Class ‖ <1mW
Indicator light: red laser
Operating mode: single data / continuous data / external trigger
Connector: double row 2.54 row jack
Data interface: UART (3.3V TTL)
Two-wire serial interface
Communication protocol: Modbus RTU,  ASC‖ ,CUSTOM HEX
Power supply: 5V
Power consumption: <1W
Storage temperature range: -20~60 degree
Operating temperature range: -15~50 degree
Storage humidity: RH85%      
1. By detecting the phase difference of the laser and sensing the distance of the target, the resolution of millimeters can be achieved;
2. The temperature adaptability is strong and the drift is small;
3. The high signal-to-noise ratio makes the color, surface roughness and material of the target have little effect on the detection results;
4. Small size, more convenient to use, double-row pin method is easy to embed on the motherboard
Electrical wiring diagram:
Two rows of 6PIN 2.54 row pins/rows. among them,
UART interface: 3.3V L TTL level, where X RX is the receive and X TX is the transmit;
Two-wire serial interface: K CLK is the clock line and A SDA is the data line;
USB interface: Supports USB2.0 slave mode. There is no USB2.0 interface by default, so you need to communicate and customize;
Module power control enable pin: EN pin. The default is empty and needs to be customized.
TW1S model product detailed size:

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1 x Laser Measure Sensor Laser Distance Sensor Module For

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