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- With transformer step-down, it has high stability.
- 2-digit digital tube display, display setting time when setting, dynamic display remaining time during countdown
- External trigger start, start timing with a short press of the self reset button. It is also possible to short the triggers together to achieve power-on and start counting down.
- Using the microcontroller to accurately delay
Working Principle:
After the module is energized, the status relay does not work, and the set time is displayed. When the trigger terminal is shorted, the relay immediately turns on the output 220V voltage, and starts counting down to display the remaining time. After the time is 0, the relay turns off the output.
When triggered again during the delay, the timing will be stopped immediately and the output will be turned off.
Warmly Noted:
1. The module is a non-isolated capacitor step-down method, so the position of the board is charged and the human body cannot be touched.
2. The trigger terminal can only be connected to the passive switch, not connected to the voltage signal, otherwise the module will be damaged.
3. When the number jumps at the critical position, it can be finely solved.
4. When the resistance load is connected, no special treatment is needed; when the capacitive load is connected, it is easy to damage the relay. It is recommended to add an AC contactor; when connecting the motor type load, the starting current of the motor should be considered within 10A.
Package Included:
1 x JK13-TN Countdown Relay Module 1-99S with Trigger Delay and Display

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