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1. Power supply 12V;
2. Press the button on the board or the external button to let the relay module pull or close. Press the pull button and then press the button to trigger the low level. The relay is in the off state when the power is turned back on;
3. The maximum current of the secondary output of the relay is 10A, which means that the maximum working current of the controlled circuit or equipment cannot be greater than 10A, and it is connected to the normally open or normally closed end according to its own needs;
4. The welding position of the external suction and light indicator is reserved, and the welding indicator light is also welded on the board;
5. Size: 52.8 x 32 x 18mm
1. Low level control, that is, the signal line and ground touch is a trigger signal.
2. One-button two-state relay module, the positive and negative power supply will burn off, no power supply reverse protection
Package Included:
5 x 12V DC 10A Bistable Relay Module

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