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Operating voltage: DC 6-24V (12V version)
Working current: 10-15MA
AT command and MODBUS command two command control modes
The maximum delay is 9999 seconds under the AT command, and the maximum delay is 255 seconds under the MODBUS command.
The AT command can be input by the serial port super terminal (serial port assistant); in addition to the serial port super terminal input, the MODBUS command can also be input with "Modbus Poll".
Up to 247 devices can be used in parallel in MODBUS command mode
With RS485 and RS232 (TTL) dual bus interface
8 output control pins, 12V TTL level, low level (default) / high level output
Size: 45*30*15mm
Weight: 10 grams

Package includes:

10 x 8CH Channel RS485 Module

Wiring, the relay module and downloader does not includes!


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